Dean + Drew \\ An evening at Grandpas Farm

September 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This year I've been so lucky to capture so many sessions that have a strong meaning behind them. This session with Dean, Drew, Chigger & Cowboy falls under one of those sessions.
About a month ago, Drew's older sister Jacklyn sent me a message asking me to come to their Grandparents local farm and take photos of her little brother and their Grandpa together. We set a date and couldn't have asked for a better evening.

Now, there's a few stories I HAVE to share before showing you these photos.

Let's start with how seconds before I arrived Grandpa still wasn't dressed in his session clothes. You see, Dean wasn't too over the moon excited about getting his photo taken before I got there- HOWEVER once I arrived, he was giving me ideas for locations, photos and even continued to share those ideas until we no longer had light left. I honestly think they were both a little sad when the camera was packed away for the evening.

Next story, if Jacklyn or Monica ever ask you to drive your side by side, you should probably kindly tell them no... LOL! However, Grandma can drive you all over that farm any day! Oh goodness, we laughed and laughed!

Three, I need to invest in step ladder asap (again, another funny backstory but I will let those involved share that!) ;)


From watching Drew and Dean saddle up their horses together, riding through the fields, checking on the cattle and more- we had THE best evening! This is the second time this year I have tagged along for an evening on the farm session and they are becoming on of my favorites!

These photos are so important for many reasons. One of those is because of the bond Drew and Dean have together and another is that very soon Drew will outgrow his pony, Cowboy, that he has owned for many years. I'm so thankful I was asked to capture these memories. I know this is something both of them will always remember.


Enjoy! <3


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