Lexie B. \\ 2018 Senior Spoksmodel - Summer Session

August 17, 2017  •  1 Comment

As you all know, I always love to start off my blogs with some little back stories.

I've known Lexie now for around 12 years- I still can remember her running up the stairs to the loft with soaking wet hair and fresh pj's asking my friend Macie and I to brush her hair before she went to bed like it was yesterday. Smallest little thing I've ever seen with a personality 10xs her size (once she finally opened up to you of course!)

So, fast forward to a few years back- We finally moved back home after 4 and a half years of living on the east coast while my husband was in the Marines. Of course I knew I had to catch some basketball games as often as I could once moved home, especially my girls because I heard they were turning some heads that season. I arrive at the game just before it started and seen the girls warming up. There was one in particular who was catching my attention over and over. Finally, I leaned over and asked someone sitting near me who the point guard was- Lexie. Of course it was Lexie! I still can't believe it when I think back. The years just keep flying.

So of course, I snatched this pretty girl up as soon as I could to be my 2018 Senior Rep. We've been planning some amazing things for her sessions and I'm seriously so excited! 

Lexie- Girl, so many people rooting for you- along the sidelines and most importantly in life. I can't wait to see the things you accomplish and I also can't wait to capture this exciting year for you along the way. <3

Enjoy the first of many sessions with Miss Lexie!!




Lexie those are beautiful well I guess you are love you
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