Jessica H. \\ Valley High School - Summer Session

August 18, 2017  •  1 Comment

The moment that Jessica was declared a senior she messaged me to set up her first senior session. I will be lucky enough to get this girl in front of my camera four separate times this school year and even then I don't think it's enough! Jessica is such a sweet, driven and beautiful young lady. I know so many amazing things are in store for her!

Since mother nature wasn't too kind to us, we already had to delay her summer session twice this summer- but we finally found the perfect day just before her senior year officially started and the session was AMAZING! One hundred perfect worth the wait!!

My gosh we had so much fun! My first two seniors of the 2018 school year set the standards high, but I know the rest on my books this year are going to do just as amazing too! This year is going to be THE BEST!!

Enjoy the first of many session with Miss Jessica <3



Kelly Sitze(non-registered)
Jessica you are an amazing beautiful woman. I love you. These pictures are so awesome.
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