Korde + Kota \\ Sunflower Session

July 17, 2017  •  2 Comments

Shooting at a sunflower patch has been on my bucket list for a while now and having pictures done at a sunflower patch has been on Kota's bucket list too! So when she posted about wanting pictures done there a while back and then my good friends told me about their sunflower patch, I just knew I had to do some mini sessions out there. Since Kota was one of the defining reasons I booked these sessions, her pretty self and her handsome fella were given dibs on first openings for booking. Let me tell ya, it was HOT... but SO worth it!

I gotta share a quick back story first. When Kota posted about the sunflowers I commented and told her that I knew of where a local patch was. She was so excited, but she knew that she was going to have to talk Korde into them. So with some talking, she finally got him to say yes and we set a date. So, lets be honest here- most of the time guys don't really care that much for getting photos done haha! So I was possibly expecting Korde to maybe not really be "into it".. but... I was so wrong. And this is where this story gets really funny! So when we arrived to the patch, Kota filled me in on how Korde picked out his entire outfit. I was like wow! He did great, to which of course he poked Kota and said "See! I told you!", when I didn't have bug spray he pulled some out of his truck, when I smudged my lens he told me he had a lens cleaner, when the heat was getting to us he pulled out old water for all of us and then when I asked them to do some sitting photos he told me he had a quilt in his truck. Not just any quilt, a yellow quilt. Finally, I lost it! Korde- who had to be talked into this session- had EVERYTHING that we needed. Let's be truthful here, he was secretly super excited abut this sunflower session! haha! Honestly, most just happened to play into factor, but Korde still received tons of brownie points!

Over half of the photos that you are going to see are literally Kota and Korde being themselves. They are seriously so dang cute!

Enjoy! <3



Paula Douglass(non-registered)
Wow! Omg. These are breathtakingly beautiful! Beautiful subjects in a beautiful setting and a beautiful vision to put them both together :)
Cindy h.(non-registered)
Koda is a sweetbeart,great pics.
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