Andrew, Hailey + Blakelynn \\ Sunflower Patch Session

July 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Last night I was able to work with not one but two of my cousins and their families- LOVED IT!

As soon as we pulled up the sun went to hide behind a large cloud, which allowed us to shoot at the patch the entire time. Talk about good luck on our end! But the best part was that the moment we made it to the patch, the wind started to blow. The breeze may have still be warm, but it was better than nothing that is for sure!

This is my fourth time working with my cousin Andrew, Hailey and Blakelynn and every single session is always perfect! Here in just a few short weeks will be another big event that I will be helping them celebrate- but this time fully with them and not with a camera in my hands. Sometimes it's hard to be the photographer in the crowd, but honestly I really want to enjoy their moment together with them entirely. I know without question that it's going to be the perfect day <3

Not only will Hailey be joining our family, so will her one of a kind daughter, Blakelynn. This beautiful little lady has brought so much joy at family events. I'm so happy that both of them will be joining our close family very soon! <3

I hope you enjoy these photos just as much as I enjoyed taking them! I can't wait to see Hailey in white again very soon! <3





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