Riley P. \\ Valley High School - Senior 2018

October 10, 2017  •  1 Comment

Meeting new clients is always such a joy, especially when they are super sweet and stunning like this girl right here!
Riley is currently in the middle of her second month of her FINAL year of high school. Looking back 10 years I can remember exactly what she is thinking right now- so many feelings of excitement, some worry, some sadness- it's a roller coaster ride of emotions all at once.
We couldn't have asked for a better day for her fall senior session. Between this girl and our scenery, it was destined to be an amazing session. Riley just blows me away!

Just like my last Valley senior, Riley brought along two photos that she wanted made into memory photos. I will be sharing one of those photos here with you all in this blog post. It truly makes my heart so happy that so many have came forward about these photos and are asking for them to be created. Senior year is such a big step- and creating an everlasting memory for families during this time is such an amazing feeling for me.
I hope you all enjoy Riley's fall session <3



Cathy white(non-registered)
These pictures of Riley are absolutely amazing. She is such a beautiful girl.
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