Hi there! I'm flattered and so excited that you are here. I started this business when I lived in NC back in May 2012. After almost 5 years of living on the east coast, we relocated back to our hometown after my husband was offered a job with the railroad. The country is and always has been my roots. Being home again with my husband and raising our son is the best feeling!

I realized how in love with photography I was 6 years ago while taking a yearbook class in high school (which was supposed to be one of those classes that you only sign up for because it seemed like an easy elective credit). What started as a class, turned into a hobby and that hobby grew into an obsession. I still think that I would have discovered my passion for photography either way, but it definitely gave me that extra boost in the right direction. To this day, I'm so very thankful that I signed up for that "easy" class. Now I welcome any and every opportunity to be behind my camera.

I'm very laid back, wear my heart on my sleeve, not afraid to laugh at myself, dog owner and lover, horrible singer, drink loads of sweet tea, easily get lost in a good book and love everything outdoors.

I bring my love and passion of photography to every session I create and work really hard to bring you an unique experience tailored to fit you, your personality and your story. They say a picture is worth a thousands words, and it's my goal to write you a novel every time I get behind my camera.